Monday, August 01, 2011

New Apps for the Wired Accountant

Brett Owens of the WebCPA/Accounting Tomorrow website cites two reasons that many software developers are starting to emphasize software on the Web vs. PC-specific software: ease of design and ability to access the app even when not at your laptop or desktop. Three new products which Owens feels have particularly impressive potential are Evernote, a web-based combination of post-it notes and the old Rolodex; Xero, a cloud-based future competitor for QuickBooks and Peachtree and Outright, a cloud-based alternative to bookkeeping which provides access to Web banking sites, credit cards sites and Paypal.

While I certainly cannot match Brian Tankersley, Gregory LaFollette and others in the accounting technology area, I do point out Mr. Owens article for those who wish to check out new trends in Web-based accounting products.


Blogger davs said...

those apps will be really useful to virtual accountants. Thanks for the post!

11:36 PM  
Blogger Steve Cooper said...

Bookkeeping At Home

2:43 AM  

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