Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Bail or Not to Bail: The $700 Billion Question

  • Angry Bear from the left--con

  • Roth CPA, slightly right of center--unenthusiastically pro

  • Senator Richard Shelby, one-time conservative Democrat, now Republican--con

  • I have provided three perspectives on the bailout (Angry Bear via AAO and Shelby via Neal Boortz). I am really torn and praying about this extraordinary proposal--I had hoped that such action was done with Chrysler in the 1970s and the Savings and Loans around 1990. Force me to make a decision and I probably would oppose today; though I am not sure that I will oppose the legislation by the time the vote occurs (probably Thursday). Mostly, however, these are the times that one should keep in mind when tempted by the glamour and power of politics.


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