Friday, July 04, 2008

[Paul] Hogan's Heroes - Richard Hatch and Wesley Snipes?

"Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan has challenged the Australian tax authorizes to "come and get me" upon reports that he is being investigated for potential tax evasion. Hogan criticized the Internal Revenue Service for attempting to get his bank records, something which he claims that the Aussie tax man cannot legally obtain. He stated that he might be arrested on arriving in Australia to film a movie in September, but joking promised to carry a gun.

Glad he got the gun joke out of the way before arriving at the airport (Homeland Security does NOT take well to such jokes) but seriously, is Mr. Hogan in early stages of dementia? Challenging a tax authority may look macho, but it is about as dangerous as playing Russian roulette with four bullets.


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