Friday, June 29, 2007

GSA: Many Federal Buildings are not in Satisfactory Condition

Stan Kaczmarczyk of the General Services Administration announced that over 150,000 federal buildings, or about 30%, do not receive passing scores on the facilities condition index. This result is consistent with Stan's assertion that federal real property management is at risk for waste, fraud and abuse. Additionally, the amount of federal real property grew slightly last year, although Stan was not sure whether this was the result of additional building or better inventory taking.

The quality of repair of federal building is of concern--in the future, with federal spending already at massive levels, it is likely that additional spending will be required to update or replace these buildings. Additionally, the raw numbers of federal real property are nothing less than staggering: over 1.25 million holdings (buildings or unimproved land), floor space of 3.8 BILLION square feet, federal lands of over 55 million acres (almost 90,000 square miles which is larger than ANY state east of the Mississippi and slightly smaller than Oregon) and estimated value of over $1.5 TRILLION.


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