Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Return of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas" Coming

In December I plan to run the second installment of the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"; in effect the start of a Hall of Fame of sorts for accounting-oriented blogs. Brian Tankersley summarized last year's list in a post linked in the title above. Both new blogs plus those skipped over last year will be eligible. I intend to do a short revisit of last year's blogs (Accounting Observer, Consumerism Commentary, CPA Firm Technology Blog, Financial Rounds, Found in the Footnotes (also known as Footnoted), Free Money Finance, Frugal for Life, Mauled Again, Roth CPA Updates, TaxProf, Taxable Talk and the late Vanilla Accounting) then group this year's blogs into accounting, personal finance and tax categories. Criteria, in approximate order of importance: (1) last year's blogs are not eligible, (2) at least 75% of posts are on accounting-related topics, (3) minimum posting once per month (at least once per week is strongly valued), (4) association with a carnival is beneficial, (5) I have enough vanity that linking to Tick Marks helps--Accounting Observer and Free Money Finance from last year prove that this is not necessary.

Presently, the following 20 blogs are being considered: from Accounting: Big4Guy, BSG Trendlines, Corporate Governance, Fraud Files, Neil McIntyre and Tech Gap; from Personal Finance: All Things Financial, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Five Cent Nickel, Mighty Bargain Hunter, My Money Forest and PF Blog; from Tax: Brian Brown, CPA; Death and Taxes, Gina's Tax Page, Intaxicated, Tax and Business Law Commentary and Tax Guru. Two other blogs under consideration are wild cards: Benefits Blog could go in either Accounting or Tax and Don't Mess with Taxes in either Personal Finance or Tax. Feel free to nominate your another blog (including your own!) if you feel I have overlooked someone.


Blogger Sean Carter said...

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12:26 AM  
Blogger Gina L Gwozdz CPA said...

Wow thanks for considering my blog this year!

6:58 AM  

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