Monday, January 16, 2006

Best of blogs--Start of 2006

This very sporadic feature is back:

Accounting Observer--"A Digital Carrot From the SEC" discusses the SEC's latest attempt to encourage the use of XBRL. [12]

CPA Trendlines--Six Steps to Get Your Business to the Next Level--Rich Tedford emphasizes the following for enterpenuers: working on the business not in it; implementing systems; implementing a marketing plan; marketing to present clients; tracking marketing efforts and following up on present and prospective clients. [9]

CPA Tech Blog--"Amazon and"--Blogger Brian gets an unexpected $50 in the mail. [11]

Provident 360--"Computer Audit Assisted Techniques"--A primer on techniques, including such things as continuous auditing, integrated test facility and generalized audit software program, that allow a better than one using the traditional "around the computer" approach. [3]

Consumerism Commentary--"Your Secret Bankruptcy Score"--Flexo indicates that this has been in existence for about 20 years and provides a formula that estimates the score. Experian is considering making scores available soon (probably for fee). [13]

Free Money Finance--"Three Keys to Choosing the Best Tax Pro"--Money Central is cited here: the tax man should ask good questions, understand your level of risk aversion and be a proactive teacher emphaisizing legal opportunities to save on taxes without sacrificing income. [16]

Roth CPA Updates--"This Week in Tax Crime"--A look at tax fraud cases ranging from Richard Hatch of "Survivor" fame to the KPMG tax shelter case. [13]

Tax and Business Law Commentary--"Notes on Federal Spending"--Effective use of statistics to indicate that entitlements, not discretionary domestic spending, is the primary nonmilitary source of deficits. [13]

Tax Prof--"Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tax"--A look at the use of state tax departments in several states to discourage Dr. King's efforts at obtaining civil rights. [16]


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