Thursday, November 10, 2005

Intuit Sends Forth a New Edition of QuickBooks

The 2006 edition of QuickBooks, including list pricing for various versions of the software, has recently been released. Dan Levin, General Manager of QuickBooks says that changes were designed to provide greater inventory support and increase ease of use and scalability. The Accountants version will now have a toggle feature allowing easy switching between their software and client information. Additionally, SQL database and audit trail features are included. Levin feels that the new software is more customer-centered (versus technology-centered) than the new Microsoft Small Business software and that Microsoft overestimated the uncommitted small business market.

I defer to Brian Tankersley (CPA Firm Technology blog) and others as far as the actual evaluation of the comparative accounting software but it does look like Intuit took the challenge of Microsoft's re-entry into the small business accounting software market seriously. It will be interesting to see what response, if any, Peachtree is planning to make to the Intuit and Microsoft releases.


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