Sunday, November 08, 2009

Coming Soon! The Fifth Year of "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"

During December, I have given recognition to accounting and tax blogs which were not recognized in previous years (once a "Twelve Blog", always a "Twelve Blog" unless a blog goes dormant). Blogs honored range from "CPA Firm Technology Blog" and "Roth CPA Updates" in 2005 to "Skeptical Accountant" and "Missouri taxguy" last year. In previous years, I also have cited personal finance blogs--since I am making fewer personal finance posts (about 3-4 in 2009), I am going to honoring personal finance bloggers in only even numbered years--thus this year I will honor six accounting blogs and six tax blogs. Time table will be as follows: in mid-November I will cite two or three blogs (these blogs fully count as "Twelve Blogs" and include worthy blogs in past years such as CPA Trendlines) which will substitute for prior awardees which went dormant this year; in late November I will reveal nominees and in early December I will announce the blogs for 2009. If you wish to nominate your blog or another blog, do so by the end of the week and I will consider but not guarantee its inclusion.


Blogger cjn said...

Dennis Howlett called Going Concern an "irreverant but poignant example of where professional critique is going. And rightly so."

If nothing else, a guilty pleasure. Hence, I'm nominating GC for the Twelve Blogs of Christmas!

With contributors like Francine McKenna and Adrienne Gonzalez we have some great voices giving their $0.02 on all things accounting. The consideration is appreciated!

2:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am hopeful that you will somehow get it out that my site moved to it's own address.

2:51 PM  

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