Saturday, June 24, 2006

Best of June Blogs--Part III, Tax Blogs

[Preliminary: Welcome to Fraud Files, a foresnic accounting blog which is the newest link.]

Tax blogs are primarily written by attorneys, but there is a significant number of accountants who write tax blogs. I have tried to link to most major tax blogs by accountants and an important sample of attorney tax blogs. I am excited that Don't Mess with Taxes (actually maintained by a journalist) has recently started a Calvacade of Taxes.

My four blogs in this category that I read most frequently presently would be: Roth CPA Updates (Joe Kristan), Taxable Tax (Russ Fox), TaxGuru (Kerry Kerstetter) and TaxProf (Paul Caron). I include one post from each of them plus a sampler of some other tax bloggers.

Death and Taxes--"The Break-Up" and Unmarried Clients--Joel Schoenmeyer discusses the difficulties of property settlements when unmarrieds who have lived together end their relationships in the context of a popular summer movie. [19]

Mauled Again--"Tax Stupidity? No, Tax Stupid Acts and Stupid Decisions"--Professor Maule points out the social costs of protecting thoughtless behavior (like pro football players riding motorcycles without helmets). He emphasizes that common sense is more determinate of stupid acts than a person' s IQ. [14]

Roth CPA Updates--"Sell It on e-Bay"--Joe notes the first known tax evasion conviction on online auction sales. [19]

Tax and Business Law Commentary--"Cheap Dates"--Stuart Levine (and James Maule and Dan Shivaro of Start Making Sense) have little use for the Republican estate tax reduction plan. In effect, Mr. Levine accuses Republican House Ways and Means chairman Thomas of treating Washington Senators Cantwell and Murphy (both women Democrats) as timber industry harlots. [21]

Tax Guru--"New Anti-Tax Song"--Kerry publishes a song written by a Republican challenger for a House seat in Missouri which praises the Boortz flat tax and scorches the present income tax and withholding system in the context of the Boston Tea Party. [23]

Tax Policy Blog--"The Tax Consequences of World Cup Office Parties"--Some English businesses may soon say "Hell, Brittania" to the British revenuers as there are plans to tax overly lavish office parties during the soccer competition. [19]

Tax Prof--"WSJ: IRS Revamps Its Whistle-Blower Program"--Paul cites a Wall Street Journal report noting the Internal Revenue Service is attempting to respond to Treasury concerns about efficiency and fairness for whistle-blowers. [22]

Taxable Talk--"Independent Contractor or Employee?"--Russ covers this contentious issue and points out that rules in California (and probably a number of other states) vary from US law. [21]


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