Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best of June Blogs, Part I--Accounting Blogs

I fail to cite fellow bloggers as much as I should, especially since many of them are doing a very good job. A sampling of some recent posts worth noting (caveat: I may not included your favorite bloggers or any given story, regardless of quality, from a given blogger).

Accounting Observer--"Summer at the SEC"--Jack Ciesielski talks about the Olson appointment to the PCAOB, the FASB fair value option and SEC's attempt to implement XBRL. [21]

Benefits Blog--"Clarification on Dependent Care Reimbursement Benefit Plans"--Janell Grenier covers the new IRS regulations on Dependent Care Reimbursement Programs. [9]

BSG Trendlines--"Tax Returns on a Platter"--Rick Telberg provides a story about a St. Louis CPA firm which used CDs to transmit tax returns to clients. [19]

Corporate Goverance--"Where Should Internal Audit Report?"--Mike Rhodes makes the case for having internal auditors report to the Audit Committee. [8]

CPA Technology Blog--"Users Helping Users: Newsgroups"--Brian Tankersley is all over the value of taking advantage of USENET groups to fill in needed information about technological applications. [22]

Tech Gap--"Superfetch Promises to Speed Vista"--Gregory LaFollette is VERY impressed with "Superfetch", a feature in Windows Vista which makes commonly used applications work more efficiently. [14]

Look for similar coverage of personal finance (yes, I still pay some attention to PF topics) and tax blogs in the next few days.


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